Evil Democracy: 1932 was developed and released on June 5, 2020 by Hamsters Gaming. Evil Democracy: 1932 is a turn based political simulator.

In the unique world of this political simulator, you travel to Europe, 1932-1935, to become the party leader in one of the following countries: Germany, France, or England. You have a real chance to become the winner of WWII even before it begins…

In 1932-1935, Western Europe was at the crossroads. The elections to the parliament changed virtually everything… Chamberlain managed to become the winner in England just to give both Austria and the Czech Republic to Nazis without even trying to fight! At the same time, Nazis were able to win the elections in Germany. It was the moment when democratic elections could change the entire faith of the world.

You have to become the leader of a political party. Your key goal is not to allow your main competitors to win the elections. Did someone mention a national socialist as the chancellor? No way… Not on my duty! You are the one to choose measures, which will lead you to the cherished goal. Will you use only truly democratic ways and approaches? Will you rather go to the limit?Print newspapers, write articles about the competitors, send your promoters, summon assemblies of the party members, start protesting and implement legal doctrines. In addition, there are always methods on the fringes of the law… You can use such efficient things as ballot-rigging and political racketeering. In fact, you are the one to create the image of the party leader.


  • 3 scenarios (Germany, France, and England)- 70 regions
  • 30 fully-playable political parties of that period
  • 30 types of doctrine, which can be easily implemented
  • Edit, publish and distribute your own newspaper
  • Summon assemblies of the party members
  • Choose from 200 different deputy leaders of the party to hire and fire them
  • Write up to 4 different styles of articles
  • Initiate up to 15 various events during the assemblies of the party members

This simulation is definitely rich with history which makes it interesting. Many do not realize the complexity of politics which makes this game rather unique.

This game will appeal to any aspiring politician. The focus of the game is simple, win an election.


Operating SystemWindows 7 or better
CPU1.8 GHz or better
Memory4 GB or more
Hard Drive Space1500 MB
Graphics HardwareHD 4000 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required