I bought an Intel 665p 2TB SSD from NewEgg and it was supposed to be delivered today.

The package arrived at Richmond easily early enough on Wednesday June 3, 2020 to be on a truck to Vancouver Island. It rotted away there all day Thursday. Now comes Friday and the out for delivey never was posted but the delivery date disappeared today.

UPS has been problematic for delivery here at the new studio and that has been 12 months now. The city is on the map, it is not hard to find.

The hope to have the weekend to setup the new SSD and get all the software installed is obviously too much blue sky.


KingDian was also a no show. NewEgg refunded by money and issued an RMA. RMA for what, it has not been delivered so that is 2 SSD products that have gone south.


Besides the low mail service, customs is also backlogged. Checking the turn around time now shows customs along is adding more than two weeks to shipping times.