A forum down in Brazil has been busy with over 200 posts discussing failures of the Corsair CX550 and CX650 model power supplies.

  • CX450 not affected
  • CX550 affected
  • CX650 affected
  • CX750 affected

As reported by users, the Corsair CX550, CX650, CX750, and perhaps TX550 and TX650 fonts appear to be involved. This is most likely a defective batch, and the numbering “XXXX48XX” is common. Most sources come from KaBuM!, Pichau and Terabyte stores. There are no reports pointing to problems with the CX450. The CV series and the VS series are not involved.

Some people seem to have even RMA’d their defective power supply and received other with the same problem. As far as I know, most of the defective PSUs share serial numbers 195048XX (CX650) and 200248XX (CX550).

The manufacturer is identified as Great Wall who is a large contract manufacturer is China. Generally their hardware is good quality as they sell a lot of hardware in China as well.

Given the sparks are an obvious fire hazard. Might want to keep flammable materials far away.