A known refurbisher I have dealt with in the past was divesting of EVGA RTX 2080 cards and I offered US $550 for his last card which was accepted. EVGA RTX 2080 cards have trended near $550-$600. Originally there was a lot of 8 RTX 2080 selling for $659.99 each.

NVIDIA has been reported as selling about 15 million RTX cards since the launch of the SUPER upgrades. The main reason for sluggish sales is the cost of the RTX 2080 is brutal.

EVGA RTX 2080 Black Edition large

The RTX 2080 is substantially more powerful than the RX 480 which is currently installed in the gaming box. The goal is to improve gaming and the RTX 2080 sets the bar high enough that almost every game published is playable. See games supporting RTX.

  • 08G-P4-2081-KR
  • 2944 CUDA
  • 1790 MHz boost clock
  • 8192 MB GDDR6

The RTX 2080 has 2944 CUDA cores which is 3x the number of cores in the GTX 1060 which should provide a substantial improvement in gaming at 3840×2160. 4K UHD gaming is so demanding that even elite cards are hard pressed to handle the demands of games.

The RTX 2080 has 8GB of GDDR6 which should offer a bit more bandwidth over the RX 480. The RTX 2080 also beats the RX 5700 XT, Radeon VII, and Vega 64.

I am pinning my gaming hope on the EVGA card as this is close to the flagship and it is far enough above the mainstream to be viable for some time to come. The RTX 2080 is a tough one to beat at present.

Steam shows the RTX 2080 has 0.95% of the users with one. The less expensive RTX 2070 has 1.72% and the RTX 2060 has 2.27%. The cost of extreme cards is the main reason why the cheaper cars are more popular.

Along with the video card. I also grabbed the EVGA PowerLink (600-PL-2816-LR) which fits over the power connectors and make cable management dramatically easier and tidier. This unit is only $9.99 from EVGA. The PowerLink fits many EVGA cards including the RTX 2000 lineup.


I joked about my old GTX 1060 made my e-penis feel a tad limp,. EVGA forum response, “That should keep you hard ..I mean hard core gaming ..for quite some time.”


The card is still under warranty so should this card stop working EVGA will replace it. The accept second hand cards fine as the GTX 1060 failed and they repalced it after sending my PayPal transaction as proof of purchase.



With new video cards expected later this year, the RTX 2080 provides some breathing space to allow prices to settle following release. Ampere and RDNA 2 will be competing which should keep prices from becoming too outrageous. AMD RDNA 2 is offering better power efficiency but it remains to be seen how new cards pan out. Drivers tend to be a problem for both AMD and NVIDIA early on.

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