AMD has started rolling out AGESA combo for X370 and X470 boards. Most likely X570 will be available soon along with the rest of the lower SKUs.

AGESA is an acronym for “AMD Generic Encapsulated System Architecture”, and it is essentially the foundational code on which BIOS files for AM4 motherboards are built.

With AGESA, DDR4 frequencies have not only been expanded all the way up to DDR4-4000, but between DDR4-2667 and DDR4-4000 the increments have been reduced to 133MT/s instead of 266MT/s.

This means that with that AMD is getting closer to releasing the Ryzen 4000 series processors. Most likely is that board makers will want to check their respective products before they publish the final version of the AGESA BIOS. Not much speculation about the Ryzen 4000 lineup beyond the fact that it is being made on TSMV N7+ line.