3D Buzz has now apparently gone offline. The entire content of the site was archived and a torrent was posted to download the video tutorials etc. I have a copy of the entire dump available.

RIP Jason Busby, my condolences to the family. Busby died of Cancer in 2017.

The torrent is over 225GB so be sure there is adequate storage for downloading it. The torrent is well seeded so that it should be possible to download it quickly. Please help share this archive.

Download 3D Buzz archive. This is a magnet link, this will open your torrent client. Trilaxi seems to be a better client. The torrent is legal, so this is another legitimate use of torrents.

  • XNA Volume 2
  • XNA Volume 3

3D Buzz has tutorials galore to help learn how 3D game development works. Everything from using 3D Studio onwards is covered.