Finally the new Intel 665p SSD has arrived. Console peasants are lucky to get 1 TB while the largest M.2 SSD now reaches 8 TB. The real question is how many layers can NAND cells be stacked. The outlook for 16 TB is not unrealistic.

The delivery person was an independent carrier. He said that UPS was seriously backlogged. Small wonder they are so slow to deliver.

With 2 TB of storage on the C: drive there is less worry about installers. There is now room for many large games which vary in performance on a SSD vs a hard disk. The Intel 665p 2 TB only has chips on the top, nothing on the underside. Given this is unused, Intel could have offered a 4TB M.2 SSD easily. Destiny 2 loaded much faster on the SSD as compared to the hard disk where most of the games are stored. Many games do not seem much different on a SSD. SSD prices are lower but they are still several times more expensive per TB.


Intel had done well with QLC SSD. The improved density of a cell combined with the bailey to stack layer after layer shows that solutions are working. Over time more and more layers are piling up.



The RTX 2080 is a very powerful card and it should be able to hold its own for a few years after the warranty expires. The RTX 2080 is far ahead of the Xbox One X but the new console’s real graphics capabilities are still a mystery which will take weeks in developer’s hands.

With 32GB of memory the AMD R5 3600 handles it easily which makes the machine good for a range of work over and above gaming. The MSI X570-A PRO seems to be a good all around platform. The single USB-C port is a move in the right direction. USB 4.0 requires type-C reversible connectors.

Low cost USB-C boxes with four USB 3.0 ports which allows for device charging or interface. Now that VR is moving to USB-C there should be some improvements in the field as DX12 Ultimate matures.

A 140mm red LED fan for the rear of the machine should add some limited backlight for the CPU and GPU lighting. Depending on the machine, adding several LED fans can provide excellent backlighting.