AMD has affirmed that Zen 3 is still on track for release later in 2020. Questions were raised when the recent refresh of the Zen 2 processors was announced recently.

Robert Hallock, senior technical marketing manager at AMD said, “You may have seen reports that Zen 3 was delayed until 2021. That is not true. I categorically reject those rumors, and Zen 3 remains on track, on schedule for 2020 as planned.”

“The rumor on Zen 3 delay is inaccurate.” AMD recently also refuted rumors of “Zen 3” being based on 5 nm, by putting out microarchitecture roadmap slides on the occasion of a recent investor relations event, which reaffirmed “Zen 3” as a 7 nm-class microarchitecture.

The only real concern is whether the overall supply chain is sufficiently intact. The economic disruption due to coronavirus impacts everybody.

AMD is largely an engineering company with a team of developers providing device drivers for the products.

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