For some users of several devices, windows may show an error code 10 “not enough USB resources”.

Generally USB is designed for 254 devices per root hub, so in principle, nobody should experience this problem. AMD supports the full standard which is surprising. Intel has been known to come up short on supporting the standard, especially with recent chipsets.

Here at the studio, a Microsoft 3600 bluetooth mouse is used for general purposes. Bluetooth has its own headaches over and above what USB problems are identified.

There is a Microsoft 2600 mouse plugged in as the BIOS does not support bluetooth hardware (tested, fail). There is a USB keyboard and a Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controller. In total there are 3 USB devices not including mobile phones etc which are occasionally connected.

Inside the X570 is a USB hub to handle more internal devices. Supporting the front panel USB is the most obvious. The USB card reader needs a port and the HX1000i monitor needs one as well. The Intel AX200 also wants USB 2.0 for the bluetooth.

There is a USB-C box which beaks into 4 USB-A ports. It’s used mostly with the MacBook which does not support USB-A at all.

Some users of VR hardware may use several USB resources primarily because of the sensors in use. VR uncovered some problems with Intel chipsets which did not support enough USB devices. Virtual Link seeks to use USB-C to support hardware for VR needs.

msi usb logo strip