Apple has not provided much notice but the history of announcing products in September is well established. This year Apple is running their media even live on Apple’s home page.

While Apple has already released the new iPhone SE recently, expectations for new mainline phones is tempered by media leaks for the last several months.

Apple probably will have a new watch, laptop and a new iPad model or two.

Phone prices by 500% in the past eight years; in 2010, you could buy a brand-new iPhone 4 for 199 bucks; in 2014, the newly released iPhone 6 cost 299 bucks; the cheapest model of the latest iPhone X costs $1,149.

Most finance the iPhone with their respective carriers which has become almost perfunctory. In Canada, there is a limit of 24 months but some jurisdictions may allow 36 months.

Apple has been selling over 100 million phones a year which requires a lot of manufacturing. Apple has been the most popular phone in several global markets.