Noticed a post over in China on Baidu where a wall of RTX 3080 cards were being used for Ethereum mining. Gaming and digital coins are miles apart which is why gamers detest them.

The RTX 3080 is nearly 3-4x faster than the RTX 2080 in terms of Ethereum mining capabilities. You’re looking at 115 Mh/s, while the RTX 2080 manages just about 30-40 Mh/s.

Both Ethereum and Bitcoin prices have seen a revival over the past 6 months. Trading has been thin which has lead to some unusual price swings.

Gamers wanting a new RTX 3080 are likely to be very disappointed when stocks are non existent again like what happened with Polaris and Pascal. Pascal cards have fallen steeply in the last few months as Turing cards are starting to be sold off in volume now.

The cost of the EVGA RTX 2080 was not cheap. The card can fend for itself fine with games now. So if Ampere prices rise then I can defer procurement.

Inno3d should be punished for selling cards to digital coin miners in China ahead of the formal release day.

It seems that China has attracted more towards digital coins than elsewhere and some are rich enough to buy video cards in boxes galore. On a per capita basis it seems more on par with elsewhere.