A couple of years ago Microsoft built a test data center in a tube and sank it into the cold waters off Scotland.

The underwater datacenter concept splashed onto the scene at Microsoft in 2014 during ThinkWeek, an event that gathers employees to share out-of-the-box ideas. The concept was considered a potential way to provide lightning-quick cloud services to coastal populations and save energy.

Microsoft found that the stable environment resulted in a failure rate that was 1/8 of that seen in terrestrial data centers. This finding suggests that infrastructure such as fiber switches in the oceans can be available.

Placing a fiber based switch system with a floating solar power buoy would allow a dramatic improvement in intercontinental networking. At present intercontinental connections are very laggy compared to domestic connections.

Fiber has been laid down the coast to latin america along both coasts so that every nation has a good connection. Large ships carrying fiber on reels were quick to lay the cable. Transoceanic cables have not been expanded.

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