AMD posted a photo of their RX 6000 card which is not expected to be available until late October.


Speculation over the performance of the RX 6000 series is all over the dial. Until AMD finally delivers the cards and reviewers can compare it with other hardware it is just speculation.

The 3 fan design suggests the RX 6000 will be a longer card like old R9 Fury which also had 3 fans. The dual 8-pin power cables suggest the card may be as demanding as the R9 Fury as well.

Most likely there may be 2 GPU chips which will segment the market tiers. The top tier most likely will be positioned to compete with the RTX 2080. The lower tier will appeal to the value sensitive market.

Hopefully AMD does a god job as the competition is necessary in to maintain a healthy market. Once cards get into the hands of reviewers the performance of the RX 6000 lineup will become clearer.

It does appear that power consumption for both AMD and NVIDIA are evident. Cards wanting 250 watts are now low end while elite cards are up at 35 watts. This is one of the reasons for having the HX1000i PSU.