Xbox has now made Halo 3: ODST available for the Halo: MCC remastered edition. You will need to launch Halo: MCC and in the campaigns you can trigger a download. This update also launches season 3 for achievements and tournaments. Season 3 brings:

  • 12 Halo 3 Weapon Skins. 
  • 30 Halo 3 Visor Skins. 
  • 10 ODST Character Skins. 
  • 4 ODST Character Skins (Unlockable via Challenges). 
  • 30 Nameplates.

Halo: MCC needs a 2.1GB update prior to being able to install Hal 3: ODST which is trigger in the game to add missing content. Halo 3: ODST will add 6.7GB to the download queue. Halo is now 95,111 MB installed.

Only the campaign is available at the moment. The multiplayer is a coop firefight against ever increasing waves of covenant forces in a survival oriented fight. The Firefight is already active in Halo: MCC.

In the multiplayer matchmaking, ODST includes Halo 3’s multiplayer game modes contained on a separate disc. The offering contains 21 multiplayer maps released for Halo 3 as well as 3 additional maps titled Citadel, Heretic, and Longshore. Along with the Halo 3 maps, ODST includes a version of the Forge map editor.

Halo 3: ODST is a larger game and it has lots of action for Halo fans. In Halo 3: ODST the Covenant are back for another clash. Lots of new larger maps which will make the game far more enjoyable.

Upon release, ODST became the top-selling Xbox 360 game worldwide. The title received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised the atmosphere, music, and story approach. We question relatively short campaign and included extras were enough to justify the game’s US$60 price tag. The game was the top-selling title in the United States in September 2009, and sold more than 3 million copies worldwide earning $125 million.

The campaign follows a Covenant ship into a slipstream where the player has lots of action. ODST focuses on the aftermath of the shockwave, while the Covenant still occupy the city.

Arguably better than Halo 3 and some of the other titles. You still feel pretty powerful but you can tell you aren’t a super soldier anymore with the way you throw grenades, the insane recoil, when you jump and the way you get thrown around like a ragdoll by the gravity hammers.

You have to plan out your encounters with the enemies and conserve your ammo a lot more while watching your health as it goes down when your shields are recharging much like CE and Reach.

The PC version of ODST will let you shoot your way through New Mombasa in 4K at 60fps if you’ve got the hardware, and also includes customisable controls, ultrawide support and other PC-specific enhancements. 

Much of what has been seen is similar but the game has been improved with new designs for the grunts, jackals and brutes.

This now leaves only Halo 4 to round out the Halo: MCC but that game may be some months down the road depending on how much debugging is needed.