While its a bit of work to cope with the console to retrofit the hard disk, it is worth it when you want to upgrade to a SSD. The glory of having a 2TB SSD in the console is that it will bring the machine’s performance up substantially. While larger capacity SATA SSD are available, the Xbox One is not able to use one.

The best option for consoles in the popular Kingston A400 1.92 GB SSD. The largest size also has the best endurance at 600 TB written. Kingston is by far the most popular brand of SATA SSD but Samsung is also competing in the SATA market.

To peel open your console, remove the hard disks and install a SSD will take maybe 10-15 minutes total time. The video provides all of the information necessary.

You will need to get a USB stick to download the console operating system. When you load up the console it can install the OS from the NTFS formatted USB stick fine. Installation of the Xbox OS takes only 10 minutes with a SSD.

The maximum SSD the console supports is 2TB. Testing larger capacity SSD resulted in errors. The problem is the console does not support UEFI and GPT properly.

Best bet is to set up the console fresh so that the SSD is properly partitioned and the various components are setup. The you can install games frsh to the SSD and with 1.92TB there would be a lot of room for modern games.

With a 2TB SSD the console will be maximized for gaming. The capacity will allow the installation of vast numbers of games without the need for an external hard disk etc.

XBOX 360

The Xbox 360 will not work with a SSD due to the hardware restrictions. If the console is modified to eliminate the restrictions then a SSD might be possible but this is very complicated work.

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