Some of the posts here were damaged due to BSOD problems that have now been fixed a few weeks ago. WordPress, when the machine crashes, may have a fragment or two autosaved but my chain of thought may be lost. This requires time to recall what I was thinking when I last play a given game.

Checking the boot SSD showed no errors but the temporary files were a real mess from the crashing. The disk cleanup tool was able to salvage over 30GB of storage.

Ever since I installed Windows 10 version 2004 I have experienced a lot of problems with stability. Since then several BIOS updates have been released and video drivers have improved as well. Since the ASmedia problem was fixed the machine has been very stable.

Once the COVID-19 problem is history I may contact Microsoft about fixing the code in Windows to better handle various storage drivers so that problems are eliminated. Some errors were invoked with Intel tools which suggest they are doing something unorthodox. The SCSIPORT.SYS component which handles several classes of block storage.

Slowly as I check content and revise reviews when game updates are released etc. With thousands of posts happenstance is the best that can be done. Part of the problem is that I may several articles open all at one time. The reason is that tables are copied or sometimes images are needed etc. Quite often I also look at earlier reviews when comparing games.


Usually gain reviews may be tweaked several times especially when they are alpha testing. The time between fixes may be substantial. Some developers work part-time due to other commitments.

Quake 2 RTX still crashes frequently and I have mentioned it to nVidia. The game is open source so I may download it and take a look. My skill with OpenGL is limited as most of the manuals I have are DX11 and DX12. Lots of free manuals for OpenGL are helpful.

Now that the machine is stable the regular work of writing can resume in relative peace and quiet. At least until some action game is launched.