It has also been reported that NVIDIA’s RTX 3000 series uses Samsung Electronics’ 8nm process at a considerable OEM discount, but will switch to TSMC N7 process in 2021. TSMC recently lowered the prices on the 7nm wafers and also mentions the choice is made to spread risk that is yield related.

TSMC has been busy with a lot of orders which NVIDIA had to cope with. Apple is a larger customer but they used the N5 line. With lower wafer costs on N7 NVIDIA can focus on the budget end of the market.

The reason for NVIDIA’s transfer of orders is that TSMC N7 offer is relatively close to the people, and the other is that it has previously planned to diversify risks to deal with Samsung’s 8nm yield problem.

The NVIDIA N7 large order is also one of TSMC’s important customers to maintain high-end capacity utilization in 2021. Most likely NVIDIA will be fleshing out the Ampere lineup with more affordable SKUs.

The production with Samsung was insufficient to keep up with market demand. The experience with NVIDIA will likely be useful down the road.

The backlog for more RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 cards suggest a retooling next year with larger VRAM versions many come to fruition. AMD is known to be using 16GB of VRAM ont he RX 6000 lineup which will pressure NVIDIA to step up.

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