Looking over the Steam store, there are now 2,364 first person shooters for sale. Already all of the top selling games are in the library.

Developing a good first person shooter is a large undertaking. Extensive maps are needed which requires a lot of work with a 3D tool. Generally there several artists working with artwork for a AAA class shooter.

There are several game engines are available but it’s also possible to develop a custom engine easily. Microsoft DX12 is well documented for developers. It may take two or three C++ developers to build a good engine in 18 months.

Cyberpunk 2077 has spend a large amount of cash on marketing the game. The goal is to line up interested gamers to consider the game come launch day. Usually in launch day popular games sell very heavily.

When Halo launched in Steam it reached 3 place on the active list. Xbox is probably pleased at the sales of Halo on Steam. Many other remastered Xbox games have also surfaced on Steam.

No question that the sales volume of a popular shooter can make a fortune. The investment required however can be just as staggering.

Recent studio comments suggest upwards of $20 million is needed to produce a AAA class action shooter.

Xbox has bought up several development groups. This has stabilized the supply of games desired for the Xbox game pass which is being launched with the new console.

The move to a subscription model seems to be a growing approach for some publishers. Besides Xbox, EA games games has introduced a subscription that is linked to the Xbox platform. Ubisoft has been more tentative. Blizzard has been the primary subscription game publisher with World of Warcraft.