Today AMD has launched their new Zen 3 based Ryzen 5000 processors. This includes the flagship Ryzen 9 5950X processor.

First up before you grab a new Ryzen 5000 series processor, make sure you have the latest BIOS for the B550 and X570 platforms.

Zen 3 has a lot of changes designed to improve performance. The L3 cache has been redesigned so now the full 32MB is available for any core which boosts single core performance. Zen 2 is made with each CCX unit having a 16MB L3 cache.

R9 5950X16/323.4 GHz4.9 GHz72 MB105 W$799
R9 5900X12/243.7 GHz4.8 GHz70 MB105 W$549
R7 5800X8/163.8 GHz4.7 GHz36 MB105 W$449
R5 5600X6/123.7 GHz4.6 GHz35 MB65 W$299

The price of the Zen 3 processors are about $50 more than Zen 2 processors. The difference this time around is that, because AMD is claiming it has the best performance on the market, it can now charge that slight premium but still offer a more compelling product.

Probably the biggest improvement is in select games that are more CPU bound. The R9 5900X can improve several games generally. League of Legends gained 50% frames per second while CSGO agained 46%.

The opportunist overclocking feature seen in video cards and processors is a big benefit for gaming. With better cooling the hardware can run faster. AMD is now adopting the feature which will bode well for gaming looking forward.