This year trends for independent developers have to contend with the Steam $100 fee to publish a title. Valve did this after some abuses with some miscreants publishing some very poor quality works.

Visual Studio 2019 is largely focused with Unity which is a al-la-carte package that can be costly to use for an independant studio. An independent developer can minimize cost with free assets etc.

Unity is largely focused on using C# which makes development slightly easier than using C++ which can also be used. Unity itself can be used for free but paid for versions are less encumbered.

Crytek is comparatively expensive but very well documented. This engine is suitable for a big budget AAA class game.

The Unreal engine is very popular with independent game developers. Licensing costs are lower which is one of the main attractions.

The Source engine still seems to get used here and there for a game. The engine is so undemanding is one of the main features. The engine is free for Steam publishers. Steam offers the open source Blender for 3D artwork which is actually not a bad options considering the cost with Autodesk.