News from Korea and China on social media are reporting that the MSI facility at Bao’An, China has caught fire. No news as to the extent of the damage has been reported as of yet.

This mobile image was posted by a Chinese person from across the street. The facility is about 50 km from the Hong Kong special administrative district.

MSI reports that no injuries were caused, and no damage was done to any production lines. This facility/factory is responsible for manufacturing PCBs for a wide range of components, including (but not limited to) motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, servers, small-form-factor devices, and industrial installations.

The Bao’An facility is one of a number of locations that MSI uses for its components. For example, notebooks and pre-built desktops are assembled in Shanghai, but those require components from elsewhere.

This is not welcome as it will likely lead to supply shortages into 2021.