HALO 4: NOV 17

Xbox has indicated that Halo 4 will be released on November 17 for the Halo: MCC package. Many have been waiting for Halo 4 and now the game is in sight which completes the MCC.

Once Halo 4 is available you need to open the MCC and trigger then download. This is the same as was done with the earlier parts.

Most like some updates will be installed with Halo 4. There is still a number of issues to deal with. Lots of improvements are expected looking ahead.

343 said they have lots of plans for updating Halo: MCC in the future. They will continue bug fixing and delivering quality of life improvements while bringing in new season content, features, customization abilities, and new ways to play across campaign and multiplayer. Use the feedback so they will have more details to share on upcoming features in the coming months as we finish up current features such as file share and custom game browser. 

The custom game browser will require a minimum number of players to run and all games will be public at game launch. There is a lot of additional work to be done to allow for flexible game creation on dedicated servers and 343 will be updating the feature over time based on community feedback. 

With the release of Halo 4, 343 will be launching the region server selection feature. Here is how the feature works: players must select a minimum of 2 choices from their top 5 ping regions. Players may also choose to include any number of additional regions to consider in the matchmaking search.

Xbox wants to provide maximum flexibility while preventing players from putting themselves into too small of a matchmaking pool, which could lead to long queue times. Flight testing has been positive so far and we will be monitoring the performance of this feature in the post launch period of Halo 4 to ensure players are finding a good number of matches in a reasonable time. If players find themselves in a situation where they are unhappy with match times, they can adjust the regions included in matchmaking at any time or restore them to the defaults.