Micron has introduced some new TLC NAND with 176-layer stacked chips. This new generation of flash memory will allow for higher capacity devices. At present gaming boxes are largely still using M.2 1TB SSD products. Now with the new 176-layer design, the ability for 2TB and above is now possible.

The 176-layer NAND supports an interface speed of 1600 MT/s, up from 1200 MT/s for their 96-layer and 128-layer flash. Read and write (program) latency are both improved by over 35% compared to their 96-layer NAND, or by over 25% compared to their 128-layer NAND. 

Endurance of TLC NAND is much better than QLC NAND. TLC is popular with database servers where a lot of transactions are stored.

Before Intel sold their NAND factory to SK Hynix they were developing 192-layer QLC NAND which would provide for even lower prices. It is not yet known what branding SK Hynix will be using or whether they only intend to sell reels of chips to third parties.