Apple has developed a new extremely large scale integrated system on a chip called the M1. This includes all of the logic previously seen as discrete components. 8CPU cores, 16 GPU cores, integrate security and RAM make the M1 are very large scale integration.

  • 5nm with 16 billion transistors
  • active cooled
  • 8 GPU cores
  • up to 3.5x faster CPU
  • up to 6x faster GPU
  • up to 15x faster machine learning
  • USB 4.0

Apple now uses the ARM architecture with the new Macbook Air, MacBook Pro and Mini. The M1 now uses the same class of A14 processor seen with the iPhone and iPad etc. running at up to 15W.

Apple laptops are very power efficient by design to allow them to run all day and the M1 leverages the abilities of the mobile phones. The new MacBook Air sells for $999 and up. The new MacBook Pro 13.3″ sells for $1299 and up. The new Mac Mini sells for $699 and up. The machines will be generally available in November 17, 2020.

The MacBook Air with 16GB RAM costs $200 more. With 16GB and 2TB it prices out at $2049. Final Cut Pro adds $299 and Logic Pro adds $199. Apple has a new operating system called Big Sur which should be available in a week or two.


Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple posted a photo of the headquarters recently on Twitter. The aerial photo shows the complex more clearly.

Apple Tells Staff That First Phase Of HQ Return Begins June 15