Today a spam message alleging to be for Costco and coming from the Experian TLD suggests strongly that they are still experiencing some problems related to the breach.

lAYUmarketingoperations@cms.experian.com is the source of the message so they are busted for being spammers.

Today’s spam suggest it was for Costco. I do not shop there anymore and have not done so for more than 30 years. Other spam appears to be for Amazon.

The links were all from sendgrid which is a email marketing company. The company seems to be operated by Twilio which is a US public corporation. This is all in violation of the law.

Another illegal spammer is thebrainshoppers.com which sells subscriptions. Another is learfe.com which is very slow to load. Google has never heard of them.

The law states that a message must have the name of the Corporation and their address and contact information. If they are acting on behalf of somebody then there is a violation of law. The CAN SPAM act applies.

The spam has become very dangerous as the messages appear to be from legitimate corporations. The danger is obvious.

I check emails very closely and when a TLD for a credit agency is in use it tells me immediately that there is a high probability of fraud.