The Microsoft Xbox Carbon Black controller is a available for Xbox One. The MSRP is $54.95.

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One S
  • Xbox One X
  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox Series X
  • Apple iOS, TVos, OS X
  • Android
  • Window 10

The Xbox Carbon Black controller is very flexible supporting both console and bluetooth devices. Xbox has been much more versatile making the game controller available to new markets.

The battery case is a bit unorthodox. It can accept supplied AA batteries and rechargeable battery packs are available as well. There are even recharger stands available for game controllers.

The construction of the controller seems to be well made for the price. It feels good in the hand for handling games. The patent on the cushioned grips evidently does not want to license it for reasonable terms as a result nobody will touch it.

Testing the controller with a Windows 10 PC was easy. The controller paired up immediately. Several games in the PC are designed for a console and keyboard/mouse support is limited. By keeping a controller available the PC gamer can enjoy the best that all game have to offer. A few games in the collection are twin stick shooters which need a modern controller.

The controller also paired up fine with the Apple TV 4K unit. Apple fully supports game controllers easing coexisting with game consoles such as the Xbox Series X. Some streaming services are available with Apple TV.

Firing up Halo: Master Chief Collection noticed the active controller and switched to console mode which the game fully supports on the PC and Xbox alike. Halo is an excellent choice for testing controllers and having played the game with both controller and keyboard/mouse show an excellent mastery of gameplay mechanics. This should show how other development studios should consider the market as consoles are a viable market beside the PC market.

The port on the top of the Xbox Carbon Black is USB-C. USB-A to USB-C cables are low cost and they can be convenient for charging batteries. USB-C is the future as USB 4.0 mandates its use. USB-C cables are low cost and are they now mass produced.