According to a recent post by DRAM Exchange they reported that over the last 2 quarters that production rose approximately 10%. Much of this is being driven by record sales of laptop computers for people working at home.

Samsung is the largest RAM producer with SK Hynix and Micron making up the three big DRAM manufacturers. Samsung can produce as much as 2.9 million wafers a month. Both SK Hynix and Micron have increased wafer production over the last few years which gave them more market share.

TSMC and Kioxia do not currently manufacture DRAM. TSMC is a contract foundry and Kioxia makes NAND flash memory.

Modern factories to make RAM are incredibly expensive which is why the industry has consolidated. Micron is valued at about $62 billion while Samsung is worth about $366 billion.

The spot market for RAM has also bounced around considerably of late. The prices should settle down with increased production of wafers.