Rune II: Decapitation Edition was released on November 13, 2020 by Ragnarok Game LLC. The game was developed by Studio 369. Rune II: Decapitation Edition is the Steam edition of Rune II.

There is some DLC available for the game as well. The core game is a 13.7 GB download.

Rune II: Decapitation Edition has been updated several times since it was released. Bethesda has the resources to keep a team together while the next project is designed and fleshed out. One large update increased the landmass by 200% making the game world much more open.

The game originally released in a sorry state because Human Head ran out of cash. Ragnarok Game LLC had to obtain the source code. The publisher has had a new developer team (Studio 369 with Bethesda) working on the game for most of 2020, so you can expect a vastly better game now.

Studio 369 has worked very hard to update the game for the Steam release. Over the past 10 months they have touched every system (to improve or overhaul) in order to make RUNE II a better and more fun game.

Here is a summary of fixes:

  • Greatly improved combat and added parrying system
  • Added a brand new overhauled tutorial
  • Redesigned stamina system
  • Added skill tree (and the 28 skills that go along with it)
  • Added a brand new narrative and campaign
  • Added voiced NPCs
  • Added villages
  • Added brand new main and side quests
  • Removed repeatable ages and the Ragnarok Timer
  • Added Dungeons
  • Added boss fights
  • Rebalanced enemy difficulty and greatly improved enemy AI
  • Greatly increased optimization and frame rate
  • Added a dodge roll based on community feedback
  • Greatly improved animations
  • Added new weapon types
  • Improved player progression
  • Improved co-op experience
  • Added revive system in co-op
  • Updated User Interface and User Experience
  • Added attribute points
  • Removed the old hunger system
  • Updated visuals across the Ages of Ragnarok
  • Added destructible buildings
  • Added new bifrost gate attunement respawn system

Studio 369 rewrote co-op to work with brand new quest and skill tree system. This will make the experience much more fun for friends to play. RUNE II does have Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch PvP modes.

Studio 369 has also indicated that for at least the next couple of months that they have much more work in store to handle any problems that arise.

Overall the game resembles the original in many respects. While lots of work on it has been done, clearly much more has to be done. A game in 2020 does expect to be better animated, larger maps and so on. Hopefully Studio 369 is available to handle the game development which at present is barely early access.