The old Lenovo X220 has been in use since it was new on a box. The machine was equipped with a SATA SSD but when mSATA SSD became more readily available the machine was retrofitted with a 250GB SSD.

Most recently the CPU fan has began to get noisy. The fan on the Lenovo X220 and X230 is the same model. The fans are widely available so repairing the machine is low cost and only takes 30 minutes to install it. Lenovo service manuals are available for all of their machines.

Lenovo X220 and X230 generally use M.2 screws which are readily available is small parts cases of various sizes. Damaged screws need to be replaced which is the reason the studio has abundant M.2 screws of various lengths.

CPU fans can often last for many years but dust can foul fans which is why air purifiers are a wise investment in offices and data centers alike. The home office should also consider several air purifiers to eliminate as much dust as possible.


Recent mSATA SSD saturate the system rather easily. Even lower cost models easily reach 600 MB/s. The advantage of the mSATA is that the disk bay is free for a hard disk for anything desired. This flexibility is very convenient.

250GB is plenty for Windows 10 but wear levelling will make the SSD last for a very long time. With 8GB or more RAM any machine with Windows 10 is not using the SSD much for anything except for booting the machine or loading a program.

4GB DDR3-1600 SODIMM are not very expensive anymore. The larger 8GB SODIMM memory has also come down substantially. 16GB affords for running several programs and having negligible impact on the SSD.

The X220 has a mod BIOS that gets past the whitelist and allows the machine to be modernized. Whitelist is illegal but tell that to a corporation. The Lenovo X220 only supports SATA II but the SSD is backwards compatible.