TSMC has achieved a major internal breakthrough for the eventual rollout of 2 nm fabrication process technology. TSMC will be leaving the FinFet realm for a new multi-bridge channel field effect transistor (MBCFET) architecture – itself based on the Gate-All-Around (GAA) technology. 

MBCFET expands on the GAAFET architecture by taking the Nanowire field-effect transistor and expanding it so that it becomes a Nanosheet. The main idea is to make the field-effect transistor three-dimensional. This new complementary metal oxide semiconductor transistor can improve circuit control and reduce leakage current.

Samsung is also working on a similar approach over the last few years towards making RAM. It appears that MBCFET will become the new design architecture as engineers try to improve hardware in the market.

The Samsung patent expires in 2026.