More and more games published by EA are now surfacing on Steam. Some of the Crysis games have moved to Steam and more recently a remastered version of Command and Conquer has surfaced.

Clearly sales opportunities on Steam are far better than with Origin. One of the reasons for the problem is that EA has not committed itself to the loader. Instead it has been largely abandoned, a new version notwithstanding.

Some of the old Battlefield games need to be cleaned up as BF4 is built around a browser. This is not how a game should work, the in game menu system is where servers are to be selected. The game needs to be remastered around a conventional design.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is one of the best shooters ever published. It too has now surfaced on Steam which has brought the old classic back to life.

New Crytek games are now sold on Steam. Hunt: Showdown was their most recent release.