Tablet computers have bounced back from being a very small market segment. Recent sales figures from Apple suggest that tablets are not such a bad option today.

Chromebooks are also selling fast rising a whopping 120% to about 9.4 million. Chromebooks are very low cost and many classes are handing these out to students to cope with COVID-19 for remote education.

Lenovo has also seen some growth of 11.6% with sales of some 23.5 million tablets, notebooks, and desktops.

Modern tablets are far more powerful than older cheap models. Today Samsung and Huawei have much more powerful offerings for android users.

Apple has said that Q3 iPad sales are up 40% selling some 15 million units. Apple has expanded the iPad selection which has helped them expand their market presence.

The studio has an iPad Pro 12.9″ 256GB which ideal for a wide mobile use. The MacBook is also very mobile as well. Apple has been fairly well made as units tend to last for years.