Any ardent shopper always shops around for the best deal. So looking at a Samsung 980 SSD 1TB which sells for $229 is closer to fair at about $10 above mid market rates at $309.99 in Canada. Samsung is expected to surface with a 2TB version of the 980 series. The Samsung 980 is PCIe 4.0 which can achieve close to 7GB/s maximum reading with about 5GB/s writing.

Some PCIe 4.0 SSD prices are outlandishly expensive. This is not how a competitive market is supposed to work.

If NewEgg is selling it, the prices are mostly fair. The third party sellers behave more like scalpers with very high prices. Amazon does not sell a lot of their own products. Independent vendors represent the majority of sellers.

Video cards are abundant over on eBay at auction with prices that would call into question the rationality of purchasers. It is a good idea to search around for better deals so that anything desired is at a fair price.

Playstation 5 prices are roughly double the MSRP and very few are available. Xbox Series X is also commanding premium prices. Clearly the holiday season is becoming a joke for gamers.

Given the insane prices the studio grabbed some games for the collection primarily for entertainment. Some BD movies and television provide an alternative to gaming. Much of day is spent working on the site. Many reviews are updated with new findings etc.