Microsoft, Apple and other all have free cloud services to save documents etc. Over time however photos and documents accumulate and after some time the amount of storage is maxed out.

Even though storage servers are less expensive and are very capacious the limits are imposed. Microsoft offers 1TB but they are bundling their Office 365 package for a monthly fee of over $5 a month and up.

Games are notorious for cluttering up Documents. There is a sub folder called My Games but less than 2% of games use it.

Removing files from OneDrive gets a user spammed for it, the spam mentioned that the recycle bin is emptied after 30 days.

Apple is only 99 cents per month which is 10x more storage at 50GB. Apple does not gouge as badly as Microsoft does. Apple does have higher tiers for professionals but the average iPhone users is not likely to see any problems.

Google has also moved towards a fee based cloud service with their suite of applications. Google is not used in the studio as the Apple hardware is present.

To keep OneDrive at bay, it’s not a bad idea to use the built-in file history for backup using a NAS. Unfortunately OneDrive is designed around the cloud with very limited storage. The traps are designed to push users to subscribe.

Gift cards etc are available for those who do not have a credit card. In recent times more than 10 million Americans have had their credit rating sunk so badly thanks to the economic mess of COVID-19.

Worse is that cloud subscriptions become problematic due to the mass layoffs with COVID-19. Without funds, most endure irretrievable losses. More than 35 million Americans lost their job and more are expected over the winter.

The mess caused by cloud vendors and the real world are in a head on collision and the consumer ends up on the short end of the stick