xbox series x

Questions about physical disc games from the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One surface concerning the new Xbox Series X|S. The problem with the Xbox Series S is that it lacks a disc drive. The Xbox Series X does have a disc drive.

So to continue to play existing games will require the use of the Xbox Series X. There is not digital transferable license.

The slot on the series X is shown in the photograph. Like the older consoles, when a person wants to play a physical disc game they need to insert it into the console drive.

Once the game is is recognized then a digital version may be available. Some games for the Xbox 360 were not available in the Xbox One. These unavailable games will likely remain as unavailable.

Assembling lists of compatible games is a tedious job and requires a significant collection of Xbox 360 games to test.

Xbox One games can load easily on the Xbox Series X and enjoyed. The new console is adequately backwards compatible for the game to run from the disc.

Some games have been updated and these are mostly free to those with existing digital games and Xbox One discs.