For those who had a PC way back there was a product called Microsoft Bob that did not do so well in the marketplace. Then again many ideas from Redmond do not do so well.

When Windows 95 shipped it was popular but when Windows 98 arrived it was perceived as being a better implementation of Windows 98 while at the same time more people had it figured out. Windows 95 and Windows 98 all frequently needed the disk to be installed. To solve the problem is simple:

md windows
md windows/option
md windows/option/cabs

Now copying the contents of the Win95 or Win98 CD with all the cab files to the hard disk will solve the problem. By installing it from this location in /windows/option/cab will make Windows use the hard disk when it needs to load a component.

Now comes Dave Plummer posted this nice look back at the days at Microsoft when DOS and earlier versions of Windows were still a thing. Plummer used to work at Microsoft back in the day.