Reports are coming in that the new Apple M1 based MacBooks are dying left right and center. The problem seems to be related to the charger.


Some reported that the machine was affected by using a USB dock for the machine. The Apple 96W charger can handle any machine Apple has put on the market but the question of the dock is of interest. The 96W charger is overkill for the MacBook in the studio but it was available and considering the moved to USB-C is inevitable the charger was considered for longer term use.

The 96W charger handles the iPhone 11, Ipad Pro 12,9″ and the MacBook retina in the studio. Never been a problem.

Contacting Apple, they had only just heard of the problem. The said to bring the machine to a service center to have the logic board replaced. It appears that Apple may not have anticipated the range of third party charging units available.

Apple accessories are expensive which motivates many to lower cost devices. Apple iPads have not been problematic, it seems to be uniquely the MacBooks.