Apple has been cracking down on abusive advertising. Apple has set new stringent rules for apps and that includes unwarranted tracking etc. Sharing of data is also now going to be a problem. The net result will be more generic class ads from various vendors. Some apps may be forced to adopt subscriptions etc.

But many in the mobile ad ecosystem have said that Apple hasn’t given them clear guidance or communication along the way as they retool their apps to comply with the new rules related to the tracking systems known as Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA).

The fear among app makers is that many users will turn off the ad tracking capabilities of an app when they see the pop-up warning and blow up their business model of letting advertisers effectively target and measure ads and their effectiveness on the iPhone.

Starting in 2021 Apple will go as far as removing apps that are not complaint with the rules. Larger corporations like Microsoft and Adobe are not very problematic. Adobe has a generous range of mobile apps for mobile users. Microsoft has an extensive range of mobile apps that are also mobile friendly.

Facebook will be under a lot of pressure as well as Instagram. Twitter has some options but they stay more in their own ecosystem unlike Facebook. The change also requires apps to disclose exactly how that data is used for advertising, analytics, diagnostic, and other tracking purposes. The questionnaire is quite extensive and can result in large disclosures, against which Facebook is completely opposed.