To a gamers disgust, Bitcoin has topped $23,000 which suggest affordable video cards are not going to be available any time soon. Bitcoin has been around for about 12 years and it has usurped the gaming community who has been around a lot longer.

Back in 2017, Pascal cards and Polaris cards alike were put to work mining digital coins. Now in 2020, Ampere and RDNA 2 cards are all put to work with digital coins.

Turing cards and RDNA cards were available during the 2008 downturn in digital coins. NVIDIA jacked the prices for RTX 2080 cards by $100 over the GTX 1080.

Now looking at RTX Hopper, its largely speculative if a card is going to be designed for gaming or digital coins. RTX Ampere cards like the RTX 3080 would have been desirable for 3840×2160 UHD gaming.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) has annulled volume discounts for its largest customers and raised prices amid overwhelming demands for its services, a media report claims. Other contract makers of semiconductors reportedly did the same in recent months. These higher costs will be imposed on all consumers.

With little competition for contract manufacturing, the cartels are now in a position of power to raise prices with no recourse. Samsung made cards for NVIDIA primarily as TSMC could not handle the contract. Samsung is not known for manufacturing custom logic but the studio applauds the company for stepping up.

Digital coin repositories galore have been pillaged. Worse is the prospect for money laundering.

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