It seems that bitcoin has attracted many into the finite supply as an alternative investment. As a gaming site this dramatically takes away from gaming. CNBC posted several pieces lately and JPMorgan has recently speculated it could exceed $140,000 before long. The US Stock market has also been rising into record territory as well with the Dow Jones industrial average near a 52 week high.

Low interest rates have forced fixed income and other money management operations into all manor of new places in order to meet the needs of their clients. The low rates benefit banks which have struggled to achieve new stricter capital requirements. Today banks are generally in better shape than they were a 14 years ago.

SPY is the sector spider for the US S&P 500 and it currently only pays 1.5% in dividends. For a decent pension the low rates of return are horrifying.

In economics a bubble exists when everyone jumps on board. When the bubble collapses it usually heralds a period of economic stagnation that can take decades to recover from. At the last tally there are now over 2,000 different digital coins all competing. Bitcoin, being open source, lead to others trying to cash in.

Looking for video cards suitable even for 1920×1080 are becoming hard to find. For those with 3840×2160 its outright impossible. 🖕 Even a 5 year old RX 480 is auctioning for above MSRP. The same story for GTX 1060 cards. Even 6 and 7 year old cards are now being offered due to the lack of more recent cards.

Miners told me that VRAM is becoming more important for most digital assets. This means that when the markets collapse that gaming will get some better value for demanding games.

Available RTX 3090 cards are $1500 above MSRP which suggests scalpers are trying to profit on the backs of the gaming community. 🖕Nobody in the gaming community is interested in paying that kind of price.

There have not been any RTX 3080 cards in stock. Earlier a miner was found with 78 cards which represents a large scale investment. 🖕 A lot of gamers are not happy with this video card hog.

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