Enduring the headaches with the rig to play games it has been a challenge to achieve stability. The latest beta BIOS for the MSI X570-A PRO seems to have resurrected the old old power management bugs. Machine on standby wakes back up and stays on. So much for the EPA energy star ratings. I have to power down outright at the end of the day.

Windows is slow to boot. Not sure what the problem is with Windows being so slow but it can take over 60 seconds to load. The machine at boot is a black screen, no blue loading screen etc.

Reset Windows does not correct the problems. The Intel 665p SSD is fine. This leads to BIOS problems and system problems.

Some game loaders are so pathetic its unbelievable. Some do not have any options to change certain behaviours. Some even nag when the internet is not working due to the network box rebooting. Avid’s loader is nagware for internet.

Steam has been maintained and its the runaway most popular loader. Some publishers balk at the costs at Steam which is a de facto tax on the gaming community. Valve has make several billion so far.

The latest NVIDIA driver is a lot better the last 3-4 in terms of stability. Some flicker is a nuisance but hopefully the company can clean up the problem quickly.