Initially, DisplayPort 2.0 was expected to release sometime in late 2020, and thus far the standard has been missing from CES 2021. This was very conspicuous by its absence.

DisplayPort 2.0 will support a maximum bandwidth of 80 Gbps and be usable through an updated DisplayPort connector and USB Type-C connectors (through the USB4 standard).

VESA is hoping that 2021 will be better for adoption. There may be some displays released towards the fall when DisplayPort surfaces. At present HDMI 2.1 is hardly available suggesting both camps are slow to be adopted.


DisplayPort 2.1 is now expected to appear in products later this year or into 2022, though it will likely take longer for the standard to become more widely available. VESA needs to get graphics cards, monitors and other screen types to support DisplayPort 2.1, which will be a long process. 

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