After some pondering about running my own server, I chose GoDaddy who is known to be a good registrar. The reason is that GoDaddy redacts whois queries to protect the privacy of registrants. was available so I registered it for 2 years which is all that GoDaddy would let me do.The domain expires on February 11, 2023 where it is set to automatically renew. The domain is also locked to prevent unauthorized transfer. I also spoke to GoDaddy about trademark infringement and my old domain was confiscated from a cybersquatter.

I have been using WordPress now for going on 5 years so i have several tables. I was able to merge the old databases and the one from WordPress to have a consolidated website with substantial content.

DOMAINREGISTEREDSTATUS$25000 demanded cybersquatting
hardcoregames.biz2018 cybersquatting to

In common law passing off is a major tort. Dilution of earnings can attract even more damages.