Looking over the AMD forum, where my account remains inaccessible, I see may of the regulars are all gone. All of us are expert to varying degrees but achieved 7th overall from users liking my solutions.

AMD maybe did not expect the mass exodus. Now the damage has been done. All this does is further erode their market share with the loss of support peers.

Bad enough that video cards are nowhere to be found but to trash the forum was very short sighted. With about 1000 games installed most titles are checked in rotation mostly to see if there are anymore corrupted games. The disk error on the old Seagate 8TB disk was frustrating.

The most recent Radeon card is the RX 480 8GB which has not been a problem with games. The dual fan cooler has been a stellar performer and never was noisy even with gaming at 3840×2160. High prices kept the studio from procuring more recent cards.