I was looking over Google Analytics and I see that traffic from China has grown significantly. Some Chinese games and hardware have been reviewed. The big problem is that I cannot read and write Chinese. Now I am aware that users can use the translate feature with Google Chrome as I cannot expect international traffic to be fluent in English.

Around the world there are hundreds of widely spoken languages. Wikipedia has multiple languages but its not consistent due to human editorials. Computer translation depends on AI based engines to solve the problems of idioms and technical language.

Given moves by TenCent to invest some cash in western game companies suggests the company wants a better supply line for mobile. Mobile is massive in China, almost everyone over 18 now has one. AliPay has grown to become a huge financial services company. It actually rivals US companies. iPhones are very popular in China which means iOS software is widely available.

Game consoles on a per capita basis is still below western levels but sales are brisk. Laptop sales are stronger as people find them to be useful for a range of uses. Some homes have both a laptop and a console. Growth in entertainment in China has been meteoric.

Baidu is the major search engine in China. The site is not translator friendly either with its reliance on images. All the other major search engines are easier to use. Even the Russian Yandex speaks English. Sooner or later Baidu will fix the shortcomings.

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