Site traffic is down temporarily as Google crawls the site and discovers the content. With over 3600 posts, there is a lot of content to index. So far less than 10% of the site is indexed.

The WordPress download imported fine but he links were messed up badly for some reason. I removed all broken links rather than spend time cleaning them up. All of the old WordPress imports are uncategorized so they need to be assigned which is comparatively easy.

I have had to clean up 1800 posts and so far I have done about 1/2 of them. I have taken the opportunity to clean up some game reviews removing still screenshots in favor of video clips. I am taking the opportunity to also edit some mistakes in the old posts. The database has lots of room for editorial and the SSD has lots of room for images and video clips.

I have removed content from WordPress and let only a site has moved post which Google still has not figured out. I estimate they will need about another week before they have the site fully indexed. WordPress does not give free tier users a 404 handler to point to a new location. With just one post, even the 404 shows the moved post in related articles. So the traffic takes a hit because I am now using a self hosted solution.

Bing has already indexed the site. Yandex has also indexed the site. Baidu is the large search engine in China. Neither contributes much for traffic from the US which is dominated by Google. China has discovered the site already which is more eye opening. In the coming weeks as Google et al figure out where my site is I will likely have little traffic for another week.

Still finding some articles MIA which is probably due to the database needing some cleanup.