It seems that reliance on Seagate disks is misguided. How a disk with iTunes media can suddenly loet 95% of it with no error. Checking the recycle bin was pointless so I have to import my CDs again into iTunes. While there is a slight chance of iTunes bugs the fact is that I have had errors galore with Seagate media. Earlier one of the 8TB disks was being used for Steam games crapped out. About 50 games were damaged which required checking all of them as I was not able to identify the faulty ones.

I already tweeted to Seagate calling their disks garbage. This is not how a disk is supposed to work. Retentivity is critical. Data loss is unacceptable. Importing 1500 compact disks takes time. Time is money.

Maybe Seagate would like to buy a NAS with fault tolerance. Shingled disks fail for a reason. Resilvering cannot take forever. WD disks are also problematic as I am a regular on their forum. I am also active on Reddit with various hoarding areas.


It seems that shingled disks are very poorly designed. The firmware is not very rich and the media is evidently pushed too far, Data loss is unacceptable.

Writing zeros to the disk has recovered it but the mess is unbelievable. It seems that the mean time to error is brutal