It could not come at a worse time for CD Projekt to be hit with by ransomware. The company has been working overtime to clean up the bugs with Cyberpunk 2077.

Now the miscreants are threatening to release the source code of all the their games. My guess that CD Projekt Red will be hurt bad from the extortionist.

It seems that more and more companies are being destroyed by cyberattacks which have gown since the NSA was hacked some a few years back, The mess the agency has made has done $1 trillion in damage and counting. When Snowden published what was going on, fact is that this was only the tip of the iceberg.

This site is also constantly being attacked which is why the WiFi box has a firewall and why the LAN is secure with certificates and SSL.

CD Projekt has already began to recover from the incident but they are clear that they will not negotiate with the criminal extortionists. They are prepared to see the source code and artwork for their games to be released in short order. Longer term for the company is unclear as how everyone interprets the outcome will be crucial.

Law enforcement is also involved and its not known if any headway has been made. Likely Interpol has been contacted as well. CD Projekt is a public company listed with shareholders in many nations. The company is listed on the pink sheets in the US. In Poland they are listed as CDR in the Warsaw bourse. The company by market cap is actually bigger than Ubisoft making it the largest company in Poland since 2017.

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