The MSI X470 Gaming Plus was being updated with the feature update for Windows 10. After 60 minutes with a SSD it finally shut down. The machine has very little hardware outside a WiFi card installed. There is a front panel box for USB devices but that is it.

Updates in the X570 was fast as usual This is why the questioning of the issues. Data disks should not affect a system reboot.

One of the hard disks in the machine was problematic and removing it to clean it up was clearly needed. I have mentioned this to Seagate and it clean their SMR disks are substandard. Still the disk should have no impact on performance as it is a data disk only.

The problem disk has been removed and data on it will be recovered on the X570 primary machine. Given the disk has a bit over 10,000 hours on it suggests the SMR disks from Seagate need mainainence.

At present the SPEC-01 box has 3 hard disks after removing the problematic disk. After the disk is wiped and cleaned up it should be good.