Clearly the spammers have figured out how to get past the latest efforts by Google to restrain it. Lately the problem has exploded to over 100 messages a day. This is even worse than it was when reported earlier. While a recent reprieve was noted, it clearly did not last long at all before the flood emerged

Messages are being sent either with blind carbon copy or individually. Mail servers are obviously setup to handle the flood which suggest the spammers may be using several machines to handle the volume. Spammers work the percentages but as more reports of scams are posted more are realizing the spammers are fraudulent in nature.

Spammers are not to be trusted as they do not provide a proper name and street address etc. This is required by law.

Some scams with surveys. Other scams with false claims of accounts locked. False credit alerts. You name it the scammers have 5x more.